In August 2018 we will be launching a range of online courses dealing with some of the biggest challenges in product management. These course will help you to meet these challenges head on, will help to build your confidence and start adding value.

Our courses will cover:

Clarity on your role – Helping to define your role. Where you can have the biggest impact. Product Manager vs Product Owner.

Product Strategy – Stop endlessly feature jumping. Build a solid strategy to help your team deliver value.

Product Analytics – What you need to understand how your customers are using your product and how to get your whole company thinking about analytics.

Prioritization – Everyone is short on resources, so learn to prioritize like a champ so you are always delivering the right things.

Being the Expert – We can be the expert in a lot of things, but not everything. Learn how to cope when you are not the expert.

Time Management – Between firefighting, team meetings, stakeholder management, reporting and everything else. When do you have time to product manage?

Recognition – A lot of organizations don’t understand what their product managers do. How to get other teams to love product management.